Once deposited, users can stake our native token $LUMIN. In return they receive a share of the platform fees (Fee Sharing).

$LUMIN can be locked for a duration of 1-100 epochs (weeks). You will be able to "auto-extend" for any duration.

The multiplier is 4% for every week left to be staked.

So staking for 1 week is 1x, staking for 11 weeks is 1.4x and staking for 100 weeks is 4.96x.

The $LUMIN is locked in an NFT. A multiplier is added to increase the rewards earned by the staker, and is based on the amount of terms left to lock: 10 terms = x2, 5 terms = x1.5, 1 term = x1. As such, auto-extending your lock in period will make sure you gain the highest rewards.

This NTF "power" is used for governance as well. NFTs can be transferred, split or merged with another NFT.

The NFT owner can, when it is no longer locked, destroy the NFT and claim back $LUMIN.

In addition, stakers will also passively benefit from buy-back-and-burn (BBB).

Non-stakers benefit from Buyback-And-Burn (BBB) only.

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