🖥️Initial fundraising

Funds were raised for Audits, Marketing, Liquidity etc, we completed two private sale rounds and a launchpad raise. Private sale :

Private sale buyers got a discount compared to the launchpad for kickstarting the project. Private sale round 1 was 0.30$ and private sale round 2 was 0.33$. You can find the stats of the private sale here : https://dune.com/ilijasdev/lumin-finance-data Thanks for our community member https://twitter.com/ilijasdev for the dashboard!

Launchpad sale : The launchpad sale was on GemPad, starting on 19.12.2023 at 0.35$ per token : https://gempad.app/special/0xe15b3F708E3F88A4468FdFc74382A976Ce9f9EDA?chainId=42161 Private sale & Launchpad tokens were fully unlocked at launch.

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